Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Luke 22:54-71

Peter went from 
Disciple (follower of)
to Apostle (one sent forth).

Yet his one colossal failing
in life is recorded for all time.
Jesus told him he would deny him
three times and he did.
But what is also recorded for all time is the man
he became. 
Peter went on to be the first to
on the day of Pentecost.
He went on to be one of the 
 apostles of all. 

Shepherds were pretty much the lowest of the low
when it came to the social hierarchy of Jesus' time.
Think homeless people on the street.
God chose them to receive the 
message from the angels
of the babe in the manger.
Luke 2:9
"And the angel of the Lord appeared to them.."
Luke 2:17
.."and when they had seen him they spread the word..."

The shepherds went from
the depths of the social chain
Heralds for our Lord.

I think God is showing me, yet again, 
that he can use the least of these.
My failings are no excuse to 
hold back from proclaiming our Lord.

He used a 
frightened man, 
homeless people,
a baby in a manger.
He can use me. 

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