Thursday, December 4, 2014

 Luke 20:9-26
Todays reading tells us the parable of the tenants 
as well as the story of the spies sent 
to trip Jesus up by asking Him if
they should indeed pay taxes to Caesar.
 Jesus' response was to give to Caesar what was his.
Jesus was a law abiding guy.

Luke 2:1
Caesar Augustus sent out a decree across the
land that a census shall be taken. 
Everyone must return to their town of origin. 
It wasn't easy to make the trek with a 
very pregnant bride.
Joseph was a law abiding guy. 

Jesus' life was at peril depending in his answer.
Joseph's unborn child's life was in peril 
depending on his 
adherence to the law.

In our times, how challenging is it for us to declare 
Jesus as King?
How politically incorrect is it for us to
celebrate the true reason for the season?

We are called to give Caesar his due.
We are also called to give God his due.

Merry CHRISTmas.

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