Monday, December 1, 2014

Beasts of Burden

You can't read the Christmas story without noticing a donkey.  Mary, of course, being too pregnant to see her toes, much less walk, rode on the back of a beast of burden.  A donkey carried the King to His place of birth.  Not a gilded chariot, a thoroughbred, or even a plow horse, but a lowly donkey.  If your creche has more than just the Holy Family, a donkey is sure to be in attendance. It makes so sense, of course.  Joseph was not a wealthy man.  He used what he had and God blessed it.  God elevated the lowly donkey to the status of King carrier.

It wouldn't be the last time, either.  Luke 19:28-44 tells us how Jesus entered Jerusalem, no longer a babe in His mother's womb, but a man publicly and popularly recognized as King!  Men and women sang His praises spreading their coats before the donkey- riding Lord of the universe.  Children waved palm branches, also placing them on the ground with their parents' cloaks to prepare the way for a KING!  Riding on a donkey...

Jesus, all grown up now.
Jesus, stepping up to His rightful place as Deity.
Jesus, from humble beginnings to humble acceptance.

Jesus, rode a donkey to fulfill His Divine purpose - Twice.  
Beginning and End.  
Alpha and Omega.

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