Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unlikely Provision

It's the stuff of Christmas Carols!  After a long journey, God provided a place for His son to be born.  It didn't look like what anyone would have expected:  a stable and a manger and a rough cloth to comfort the King of the Universe.  But apparently it was provision enough.  The babe was not surrounded by sterile facilities or even generations of relatives and casseroles from friends.  But He was loved and comforted and heralded from on high.  In fact, his visitors included shepherds and angels and kings.  Not bad for such a lowly start.

In Luke 22:7-13, among Jesus last days on earth, He and His friends needed a place to celebrate the Passover.  Now this was more like it!  He sent two friends to look for a man carrying a jar who would lead them to a large upper room to celebrate Passover - a completely furnished room!  Kind of a snap-your-fingers-and-receive-your-wish kind of place.  Seems more Lord of All, doesn't it?  There He was surrounded by His most loyal friends AND His betrayer.  That last part might make the manger look pretty good after all.

The Lord will Provide.  
Sometimes I just don't get it.  
Even in hind site, it leaves me scratching my head.
Thank You God that You know what You are doing!

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