Friday, August 22, 2014

Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade Pasta

How's this for a dinner on the fly?
This part was not on the fly.
Most decidedly not!

I found myself with an overabundance of cherry tomatoes.
I decided to dry them in the oven and worry 
about what to do with them later.
This picture is a bit deceiving because
after I set them out so nicely on the pan, 
I decided 
to squeeze the seeds out. 
All that wet was gonna take forever to dry out!

So, squeeze I did and then I tossed them with 
olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano.
I lined the pan with parchment paper and began roasting
away at 250 degrees for a couple of hours. 
But then I had to make dinner, so they finished 
up at 375 for about 15 minutes. 

They were beautiful.

Now for the pasta!
I cooked off 
1/2 pound of spaghetti 
to al dente and then tossed with about
 1/2 a 6 ounce jar of olive tapenade, 
1/2 of the dried (chopped) tomatoes,
1/2 a shake of red pepper flakes and
1/2 cup of shredded parmesan. 

Actually the name should be the 
half-a, half-a, half-a, half-a, half-a

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