Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cake Batter Cookies

I haven't been baking sweets much lately.
They don't fit with an anti-cancer diet.

But my son sent me this recipe and asked.
That's all it takes.
This is actually the best picture of them.
and the best couple of pieces of advice
from the recipe.

#1- form the dough into tall blobs, and 
#2 (the hint I didn't take)
refrigerate at this point before baking. 
The purpose of these items is to 
hopefully, in the end, wind up
with fat cookies.
Not theses.
Flat cookies.

The baker did a fair amount of research and 
determined you can put too much
stuff in the batter among other observations.
It's a fairly interesting read if you are into
cookie baking.

Taste wise, I'm not convinced the cake mix made 
that big a difference in the taste.
But, I may be piling high and
refrigerating my chocolate chip cookie
dough in the future.

Such as my future in sweets is.... 

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