Friday, July 5, 2013

Watermelon Dispenser

But it doesn't dispense watermelon.
 And in all honesty, it didn't dispense the 
white sangria I filled it with very well either, 
but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. 

Here are the parts it took.
To the guy at Home Depot's credit, he didn't
even flinch when he asked what I needed the 
spigot for and I replied a watermelon. 

The spigot was in plumbing, the 
hose washers in garden,
the flat nut kind of thing in electrical, 
and the reducing washer in hardware.
 Enjoy your day at The Depot.

Here's the order,
spigot and rubber washer,
reducing washer and nut.

I set the watermelon in a bowl to make it sit up
and it appears that was a good thing
because at the end of the night
the bowl was full of sangria.
Not quite sure where that came from.

Also, I had the fruit in a bowl on the side 
so you could add it to you glass
but it wasn't in the watermelon getting
in the way of the opening.

I chilled the melon in the fridge for a few
hours, it helped keep the sangria cold.
Next time I would save the top that I cut
off and place it back on to keep
it cooler and keep out any flying friends.

Oh, and PS, I 
pre-washed all those parts in 
really hot soapy water.
Pretty sure none of it was intended to go
into a watermelon.

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