Saturday, July 13, 2013

Milkyway Brownie Crunch


I baked a box mix of 
in an 8 x 11 pan and about 
10 minutes before they
were done I sprinkled on 
Milkyway bites 
and finished baking.
Then I melted 6 ounces of 
chocolate chips
with 6 ounces of 
butterscotch chips,
stirred in a bunch of 
Rice Krispies 
and poured it over the hot brownies.

Um, Yum.

The only thing that might have
made them better would have been some
drizzles of caramel along with the
I have done this before with Reeses bites
and added some dollops of
peanut butter. 

With all the bite size candy they are coming
out with, I am wondering what
other combinations might be good.

Kit Kat?

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