Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Races

My niece has twin boys.
She and her husband have joked
about when the time comes, 
when both boys are crawling, 
 they can have 
Baby Races.
This wasn't so much a 
Baby Race
as a 
Baby Escape, 
but you get the idea.

So we decided to hold our own 
Baby Race on the 4th of July.
 Aaaand, they're OFF!
 But they aren't really moving.
 Ah, the front ends are getting stuck in the grass.
 Eliana takes a little break.
 Eliana is so happy to see Maddie again!
 Maddie is finally getting serious.
Yeah, eat my dust.

I thought this would be a fun 
4th of July 
event for years to come. 
Only problem is, 
come next 4th of July
these two won't be babies anymore.

we're gonna need some more babies :)

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