Thursday, July 4, 2013

Salt Painting

It's a bucket list item.
You make a design on paper using 
Elmer's glue.
We found it best to draw a design with
pencil then go over it with glue.
Then sprinkle liberally with salt.
Let it set up a bit and then shake off the excess salt.
The salt kind of stuck to the paper a bit
on the ones we didn't shake off. 

We did that yesterday so that
today it was all dry and ready for
the water colors.
 The more wet your brush is, the better. 
All you have to do is touch it to the salt.
It spreads on it's own.
 Happy Ava.
Here is one that I shook off while the glue
was still wet. 
It's hard to see in the pictures but the salt
left a crisper line here.

It was a fun project, 
we just might do it again. 
Ava wants to make them for 
"all the elderlys."

Watch out Carriage Oaks, 
I think she means you!

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