Friday, April 6, 2012

I've been to
The Happiest Place On Earth. 
For spring break. 
Along with a bazillion of my best friends. 
I learned a few things. 

A person (actually MANY people) will 
willingly wait in a 2 hour line. 
Standing up. 
A wheelchair bound companion will get your 
whole group to the front of the line. 
Disney employees have the uncanny ability to detect when a fraud
jumps in the chair to get to the front of 
Space Mountain's line. 
A wheelchair bound person should NOT ride 
Space Mountain. 
Even a fake one.
You can buy a margarita on the streets of Epcot. 
Almost any slow boat ride improves with a margarita in your hands. 
I may be willing to take It's A Small World off my
"I refuse to go on it" list if 
someone can find me a margarita in the Magic Kingdom.
Ladies, if you think that at some point 
during the day your
tiny over the shoulder bag is going to 
get too *heavy* for you
and you will ask your husband to sling it 
over his shoulder for you, 
try not to take the silver sparkly one. 
Just sayin...

And from the number of pictures I have of this:
I appear to have a thing for castles.
Or something. 

I'll leave you with this.

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