Thursday, April 19, 2012

Erin's Shower

This is Erin.
And her mom, Carol.
Of "Cheryl, Carol and Val" fame.
A bunch of us threw her a shower. 
There's a picture of us somewhere but it wasn't 
taken with my camera and who ever has it 
hasn't shared yet so you'll just have to imagine us.

Kristie offered her home as our venue.
You could throw two helium filled balloons
over the table and buckets of KFC on the table
and it would look great with this house as a backdrop :o)
Erin's sister (and Maid of Honor) suggested a
Champagne and sweets party.
 It was a great idea and between the 5 of us and 
Pintrest we were set!
 With the amount of ideas we threw out during our 
first planning session I think we
 could have thrown 5 showers!
 But we showed restraint.
 Val made Cheese Cake Shots.
 Our token "health food".
 Kristie made Rosemary Shortbread Cookies.
 Here's where Pintrest really came in.
Those are frozen grapes suspended 
over champagne glasses, 
that were in turn the party favors.
(Goodwill, less than a dollar a piece)
 Unfortunately, the green grapes that were in 
keeping with our color scheme 
looked like olives
once frozen and put on a pick.
 You could make any kind of Champagne concoction 
your imagination could come up with.

This is the "savory" table.
In case people needed "real" food.
There was real food on it. 
And it was really good. 
It's just, you know,
Champagne and desserts.