Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have always considered September
My Month.
And the way I have been able to stretch it out, 
it just may take a month to get all the 
celebrating in!
Dinner the Saturday before at the Turf Room with Honey. 
Lunch at Nosh with Lory and Ken.
Dinner the night of at home with Lou (Malnati) and Honey.
Lunch at Bien Trucha with Kristina.
Lunch at Frontera Grill with Dirk.
Dinner at home by Dirk.
Lunch at Cheryl's with Cheryl, Carol and Val.
Lunch at CPK with Mom, Big and Gaye.
Whew, I think I might be done!

Don't you love how I measure my life in food :o) 
Er, NO, The people! It's all about the people.
I believe my next date will be with Jenny.

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