Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday Backdrops

We have had a few 
first birthdays 
around here. 
I may or may not
have gone a little overboard with
But I'm her grandma.
She's our first. 
And her mother said I could.

Something I have noticed in checking out all the 
fun party ideas on line is the use of 

I think they really help to set a
table off and make a fun
focal point for the festivities.

For Maddies' party I hung
streamers from a curtain rod.

I helped Viki out for 
Eliana's birthday with this:
That is just two colors of table coverings
 that I stapled
 (one on top of the other)
to thin latice strips.
I cut them into strips
and then knotted the two colors together at the top.

Here Viki tacked balloons to the wall:
This was in the garage which is probably the 
only place you could do this. 

That would be a lot of holes in your
dining room wall.

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