Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BBQ Chicken Salad

In a jar!
Unfortunately I didn't think to get a picture of them
on their own, but that's them there in the back.
This is the picnic I packed for
Symphony On The Prairie
down in Indy.
Shanna sprung for tickets, 
I provided dinner.
Thing is, dinner had to survive a 3.5 hour car ride 
down to Indy.
Read: NO MAYO!
My solution was making the BBQ chicken
salad with the substitution of mini pasta
for the quinoa 
(Shanna may or may no be allergic),
packing it in 16 ounce jars, 
about 2/3 full, topped off with some chopped
romaine and a wedge of lime.
My theory was, squeeze a little lime onto the 
lettuce and then  dig down to 
combine the lettuce and chicken salad.
It was a bit messy until you get a few bites out of there, but
then it was great!

Dinner was fun, the symphony?
Well, the *symphony* was a Beatles
cover band and the sky was a
symphony of lightening. 

It all works out.....

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