Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Patitsio (ish)

It's a good Saturday morning 
that I can watch a little 
Food Network and 
get a new recipe to try for dinner
Saturday night.

It's an even better Saturday night
when I can call the fam and 
have a crowd to help eat
said dinner.
The only problem 
is I wind up with food pictures 
that look like this.

Um, it was good. 

It's a Giada recipe
(of course). 
She had me when I heard her say 
cinnamon and allspice.
Lamb helped too. 
I first tried those spices
 in a savory recipe when I tried
Cincinnati chili.
You also find what we consider
sweet spices in savory dishes in
 Indian cuisine.
I like that too. 

I was a little worried about the mint
in it since Mike only thinks mint is
appropriate in toothpaste
so I went a little light on it
and it was just fine.
The other point I'll note is that
this is not one of those 
casseroles that are better the next day. 
The noodles soak up all the
sauciness and it gets a bit dry.

I call this Patitsio-ish because the reviews
say it is not really legit.
That's OK, 
I'm not either :).

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