Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Always on the lookout
for projects to keep 
one Ava busy, 
I happened across this one on 
I gathered all the supplies,
pre-washed the t-shirts
and stashed it all for a 
rainy day. 
Or spring break as it turns out.
It's hard to tell from this photo but you use
the Elmer's Gel glue.
It's washable, very important. 
You just make a design on a pre-washed 
t-shirt and let it dry.
Then you water down some 
acrylic artist paints. 
And I mean 
Watered Down!
We really started to get the right
consistency towards the bottom of the 
shirt on the left.

After the paint dries you soak it in 
warm water to wash off the glue and then
toss it in the dryer to heat set the paint.
That kept her busy for oh, 
about 1/2 hour!

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