Monday, April 29, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Tarts My Way

Big Mary is really gonna think I
closed up shop!

Well I didn't.
Maybe a vacation?
A sabbatical?
A dry spell?

Whatever the cause, I have
been taking pictures of my food 
and anything that strikes my fancy
(mostly pictures of Maddie)
in the assumption I would get back to this
one day.

So here you go, let's start back up 
with a fun one!

My Facebook friend, Maggie,
is a cook/baker extraordinaire
she blogs about her food everyday, 
and multiple dishes everyday.
 I have made a few of her creations.
The cream horns are hers.
Actually, now that I think about it, 
she made the puff pastry. 
I bought frozen. 
A theme will develop here. 

A couple of weeks ago she made 
chocolate coconut tarts.
I love Mounds bars and this sounded 
like a glamed up version of them so I was all in. 

My first stumbling block was the 
4 inch pie/tart pans.
18 of them.
I overcame that with these:
Those are paper cups for cupcakes but they are a bit 
wider and shallower. 
Got the shells all made.

Then for the chocolate filling.
It's egg yolks, half and half, heavy cream
and chocolate.
It demands LOTS of stirring.
And LOTS of attention. 
And, it would appear, 
strict temperature control. 
 One should NOT pour hot melted chocolate into
a custard base.
In case you can't tell, that's what ruined looks like. 
All lumpy and oily and separated. 

But, a search of my cabinets turned up some 
instant pudding and pie filling. 

I'm sure Maggie's are way better but these are done
and pretty god in their own right. 

Hey, and the fact that they look like sunflowers
was an unexpected added bonus!

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