Friday, March 22, 2013

Big's 90th Year

Have I mentioned that it's the year of 

It is. 
And March is Mark's month.
Mark bakes.
Big likes baked goods.
Mark bakes with chocolate.
Big LOVES chocolate.
Ahhh, an idea forms.
Mostly my mother's.
She's very busy giving everyone ideas
for their months.
This was actually a morph of her 
idea for me and her idea for Mark. 

She thought Mark should bake Big some 
biscotti. Two shipments, 
one at the beginning of the month
without nuts
and one at the end of the month
with nuts.
Not quite sure about the whole
with/without nut thing but that 
is the mystery that is my mother.

She thought I should have a 
Chocolate Friday
in place of a
Margarita Friday
in my month. 
Which was OK when my month was
Pushing Margarita weather a bit,
but do-able.
Well, mom needed to swap months with me
and now I have October.
There are no Margarita Fridays
in October. 
In Illinois.

And thus was born the 
Chocolate Party!
Mark and Patty sent out two boxes
of wonderful
and I did what I do.
Made a party!
Chocolate coma
 all around.

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