Monday, February 4, 2013

The Year Of Big

It all started here:
It was March of last year and 
Kristi, Val and I 
were on a walk during a 
girl's weekend.

I was telling them how
excited Big was about turning
90 in TWO years.
That's a long time to wait for a big event.
Kristi pointed out that when
Big turned 89 she would actually be 
*in* her 90th year.

The seed of an idea sprouted 
and culminated in this:
We had a huge 89th bash for Big 
and all year long we will be celebrating her.

Each month has been to assigned to 
family members.
They are responsible for some
acknowledgment of the year-long celebration
that is 

Maggie's up first.
Too bad her month wasn't January because 
I think this:
would have had her set for the month!

But that's another post.

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