Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can You Bake That In a Jar?

Why yes, you can.
Cheryl, Carol and Val
were coming for lunch.
We decided that we really want to be deliberate
in getting together more often.
Usually we like to craft together but our schedules
are just so nuts right now that if
we can find a day with just an hour that we are all
available, we had better take it.

Today we had one and a half hours!
We decided to meet here and each 
of us bring our own lunch.
But I just had to make something.
These three are too much fun to experiment on.

So, to Pinterest I went and found 
this idea:
It's just a 4 ounce Ball jar
that I lined with refrigerator pie crust, 
filled with canned pie filling
and topped with more pie crust that
I cut into strips, wove and cut
into rounds.

The post I found these on just said to
bake as you would any pie.
I GTS and decided to go
400 degrees
for 40 minutes.
Nice thing about the clear glass
was that I could tell when all the crust
was good and golden. 

So, can you bake that in a jar?
chicken pot pie?

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