Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's NOT A Resolution

Mike calls them goals.
I'm not big on 
In fact, if asked, I will tell you, 
I am hurtling through space. 
And quite happy with that status.
Thank you very much.

Every year Mike makes a "goal" 
to lead a healthier lifestyle
in some form. 
Be it exercise or nutrition.

I'm not so much into being my 
husband's drill sergent but I am
in charge of what he puts in his body.
For the most part.

And usually his desire to eat healthier
falls on my deaf ears. 
We eat a reasonably healthy diet.

But this year I feel the tug for a little 
personal challenge.
I challenge myself to feeding us 
Three vegetarian DAYS a week 
along with one fish dinner a week.

It's totally do-able.
It will just take deliberate action.

But like I said, I am "mostly"
in charge of what Honey puts in his body.
I will NOT be held responsible
for the weekly donut
(or two)
he consumes at his men's 
Friday morning bible study.
God gets that one. 

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