Thursday, January 3, 2013

French Onion Soup

And mini cocottes.
I would call them mini casseroles
but I just GTS and it seems 
part of what makes a 
are it's two handles. 

I love all things 
as well as all thing
Le Creuset
as well as all things 
so what a perfect combination.
Le Creuset

And here is my inaugural 
foray into 
mini cocottes:
French onion soup.

The cocottes came with a cookbook
so I took their recipe, 
Googled recipes, 
and came up with this.

It was great!
Here's what I did;
I sliced up A LOT 
of onions and then sautéed them in 
4 tablespoons of butter for 35 minutes, 
not a minute less!
All the flavor gets developed here so you just can't
skimp on the time.
The I added some dried thyme leaves, 
a splash of red wine, 
a couple of dashes of worcestershire sauce 
and enough beef stock 
to bring it to a nice consistency
and then simmered it a bit to reduce down.
 I transferred it into the cocottes
with a toasted baguette slice 
and grated swiss cheese on top
and put them under the broiler to brown up.

So good!


  1. I thought this was one of your vegetarian meals until I saw the second picture! Looks great either way!

  2. yeah, well, french onion soup is pretty blatantly NOT vegetarian given it is made with beef stock. :( But I did give myself the pass on chicken stock for in the future. Last night was a fish dinner, however so that counts :)