Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Jellies

A little eye candy.
Mike and I went to The Shedd Aquarium in August.
We bit the bullet and paid the 32 dollars
to see The Jellies.

They were really pretty.
Still not sure about that price.

But here's the fun story.
The other night at dinner Mike, Ava and I
 were discussing
our summer field trips.
We are planning on going back to the city
over the holidays
to look at the windows and do
(had to GTS)

I asked Ava if there were some other trips she'd
like to do.
She sad she would really like to
see The Jellies,
but man,
$32 each is so expensive.
But, NO!, WAIT!
Not The Jellies,
she'd like to go to
Disney World!

Yeah, not the same Ava.

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