Friday, September 28, 2012


Do you have one of these 
beverage dispensers?
I am here to solve a multitude of
issues you may have with them. 
Or at least three.

1) How to get it up off the table so you 
can actually get a glass under the
spigot and not have it drip all over your floor.
2) What to do with them when the summer is over
and you don't have a good place to store it.
3) Your spigot doesn't seem to work?
The beverage just trickles out?

1) A sturdy cake pedestal will raise it up.
2) Fill it with season appropriate tchockies.
3) The real reason for this post.
At coffee this afternoon some friends
(whom shall remain nameless)
complained that their decanters don't 
seem to dispense liquids properly.
Just a trickle if you will. 

You have to take the lid off. 
No air creates a vacuum. 
The liquid won't flow.
It's rocket science. 
Well, science at the least.

You are welcome.

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