Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quinoa with Black Bean and Hominy

It was supposed to hominy.
I didn't have any. 
Hominy is corn kernels on steroids. 
Well, not really, but messed with corn nonetheless.
So why, I reasoned, couldn't I just
substitute corn?
The answer?
No reason why not!
And while I was at it, I didn't have any cilantro
so why not throw in some peas for a little green?
Why not!
It was actually pretty good. 
I served it as a cold salad but I think
it would be equally good served warm. 
The only thing (else) I would tweak
is the lime juice or apple cider vinegar.
Something was a little "tangy"
in there. 

I love quinoa and am always looking 
for ways to serve it so, 
this one's a keeper. 

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