Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cheesecake Balls

And a sign.
There appears to be a movement out there to 
convert every dessert into a ball. 
And then put it on a stick.
I will not. 
Put it on a stick.
They slide down. 
There's a technique. 
I don't know it. 
I will, however, turn it into a ball. 
To that end I present the 
Not *pop*.

I followed the directions as printed because
I figured there is a specific texture you must
need in order to roll the cake into balls. 

It worked great. 
I did leave the cake in the oven 5 minutes 
longer than suggested because 
it just didn't seem set.
It wound up getting a bit golden on top but
that didn't seem to affect it's ability to be rolled. 
First you make a ball and then roll it in crushed 
graham crackers and then coat it in chocolate.
I started out with milk chocolate.
But I far prefere the white candy coating. 
The chocolate overpowered the cheesecake.
In my opinion. 
Some of you (Big) I am certain
would prefer chocolate.

As for the sign, that's it in the first picture. 
These are just trim ceramic tiles.
Like they use in a bathroom.
I cut little 45 degree wood blocks
and epoxied them on the back
and then applied little decals on the side.
You just use a dry erase marker to identify food
(like on a buffet) 
and WALA!

It's a sign.....
that I found on Pintrest.......

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