Monday, May 28, 2012

Flat Val

In all fairness this should be a post about 
Erin's wedding.
She was a beautiful bride.
Her mother was beaming.
The venue was perfect.

 There were friends and family from far and wide.
Except for one very important person.
Val is to Carol what Lory is to me.
What are the chances two very good friends of Val's
would have children getting married on the 
exact same day?
Chances would be VERY good.
A decision had to be made and this was
Val's solution.
Now don't get me wrong, 
Flat Val is in NO WAY a substitute for 3-D Val.
But hey, you have to make the best of these situations. 
And we did.
 3-D Val does not drink.
But Flat Val? 
She's a lush!
I don't know as I have seen 3-D Val dance, but 
Flat Val?
All that drinking and twirling took it's toll.
Kristi is doing what any good friend would do, 
holding Flat Val's hair back as she,
well, you know...
 I'm not sure if Flat Val was presenting herself as a gift, 
her presenting herself with a gift...
 She barged her way into photo shoots.
 She helped the new couple make their entrance.
 And after much discussion about her sleeping arrangements
she settled in, 
by herself.
 Some how she was able to shake off the effects of 
the night before and join the newlyweds for
 And then she was off. 
For parts unknown.

...I can't wait to see where she turns up next....


  1. Oh, Val, you should be afraid - VERY afraid! I know Merry has plans swirling around for where you will surface next!!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Flat Val, but Merry, you brought her to life! I see a long life and many adventures in her future!

  3. ARGH!!!!! 3-D Val is threatening Flat Val with the SHREDDER!!!