Saturday, March 3, 2012

Peeps Vase

This was a really cute idea.
And the pictures on the internet looked really cool. 
You get two vases, one smaller than the other,
place the one inside the other and then line the space
between with Peeps.
In theory. 
Just try finding those two vases. 
The good news is I found acceptable containers at
That's a rather smallish vase with a votive holder inside.

The chances to find a vase big enough to accommodate
another vase inside along with the width of Peeps
on all sides is 
slim to none.

I wound up freezing the Peeps, 
cutting them in half, coating the sticky backside
with cornstarch and smooshing them down between the two containers.

It works. And probably would look better with a different
choice of flowers but, hey, six roses as Aldi for 
four dollars and two "vessels" from Goodwill for 
three dollars means this 
whole little endeavor only set me back seven bucks. 
I'm good with that. 

And now the next time you see something on the internet and think, 
"How easy is that?"
You'll know, look to the details. 
The devil is in the details. 

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