Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Remember this?
Here's the journey:
There was a technique I saw on Pintrest that
I was anxious to try. 
had to do it NOW, 
can't run to the store, 
where is there a canvas in the house?

Well, looky there!
A willing victim, 
er, participant!
So the technique is crayons hot glued to a canvas.
All the examples I saw were on blank canvases and, 
honestly, I was wondering what if there were some sort of pattern 
behind the crayons.
So, lucky me!

OK, you hot glue the crayons on and then using a 
blow dryer you melt the crayons. 
 Very cool, huh?
I used crayons that repeated the colors in the painting. 
The ones I've seen have been done in rainbow progression. 
All the comments I've read also tell you to use only
Crayola brand crayons. 
That makes sense, I would imagine you need the 
correct ratio of wax to color additive. 

Next time
 (because there will be a next time)
I'm going to try a heat gun and see if it goes faster,
or burns the paper off the crayons as Val wondered. 

I've had comments as to why I would ruin my painting.
 I don't feel I have. 
I rather think I have enhanced it.
And I had the perfect room for it. 
With the added bonus that my powder room 
now smells like a box of crayons!

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