Thursday, March 15, 2012

Loose Meat Sandwiches

Otherwise known as 
 I love that they serve them with a plastic spoon stuck in the wrap.
You need it.
Remember the Roseanne show?
Toward the end when it got weird?
Not the weird when they won the lottery, 
just before that. 
Roseanne and her sister Jackie opened
a diner that specialized in 
"loose meat" sandwiches.
That term always creeped me out a bit. 
But then many years later some show on Food Network
highlighted a diner that served just that. 
It got less weird when Food Network gave
it its blessing.
Funny how that works. 

On our road trip to Kansas we passed through
Iowa and saw a billboard that advertised
We had to stop. 
We love gastronomic field trips. 
Lucky for us it was lunchtime. 
The order-taker(?) asked it we wanted
onions, mustard and pickles. 
I like to order new things the way the locals like it
so what the heck, 
give us everything!
They were actually pretty good. 
Don't know if we would stop again
but by the same token, we weren't 
unhappy we did this time. 

As for getting things the way the locals like it, 
that would explain this:
That's chicken-fried steak. 
The local way. 
LOTS of "white" gravy, 
the amount of which was a little intense.
My verdict on this was about the same as the Maid-Rite.
Glad I tried it. 
Not half bad. 
Don't know if I need to again. 

My heart thanks me. 

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