Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lilacs and Grandma's Vase

They both make me smile.

I have not written since December. 
I haven't had much to say.
Well, actually that isn't true, I always have
TOO MUCH to say.
I've been trying to exercise restraint.

But this sight just gave me the overwhelming urge to write.

There is a nice cluster of lilac bushes 
growing in an industrial park not far from here.
I'm pretty sure none of the factory workers 
care much if I come by and pilfer a few stems.
(I hope)

I always put them in this vase 
that belonged to my grandmother.
I don't feel I am saying anything negative about my grandmother 
when I say I was not her favorite. 
It's ok, I worked hard to get that distinction. 

One of my favorite (and I feel defining) stories
about my grandmother and me is from 
when she was dying.
We would all take turns
 sitting behind her on the bed,
 holding her in our arms, 
propping her up 
so as to make it easier for her to breathe. 
I was doing my rotation and at one point she looked 
up at me and said, 
"Merry you really are a good girl."
I said, 
"Grandma, you really don't feel well, do you?"

She really was a crusty old broad.
Guess I know where my smart mouth comes from.

But somehow, 
Lilacs and that vase make me smile
And remember grandma fondly. 

Here's hoping there's something that will make my kids 
smile and hopefully have a fond thought when I'm gone. 
Lord knows, they've put in their time with
this crusty old broad. 

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