Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pineapple Tree

 I saw this on line and was just waiting for
an opportunity to make one.
Carol's birthday was just my chance!
Val threw the party and was gracious enough to let 
me have my fun.

It was surprisingly easy to make.
This was all it took. 
A dowel rod slightly thinner than an apple corer,
a block of wood and aforementioned
apple corer.

I used three pineapples but the one I saw
on-line used 5, so you can adjust
it to meet your needs.
I cut tops and bottoms off two of 
the pineapples but only the bottom
off the top one.
The corer was a pretty good fit top 
to bottom on each pineapple, 
I guess I just lucked out in getting pineapples
that weren't terribly tall, next time I will
be more aware of that requirement.

I was able to borrow some palm fronds, 
an eclectic circle of friends helps, 
but if I am going to make this a habit I may
invest in some of my own.
Possibly shorter ones.

Now for a reason to do this!
(ps, not my photo)

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