Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cooking Soothes The Soul

Or at least mine it does.
It's been a rough month or so for me.
I've been "cooking" but not 
Today I created and I feel a bit better for it.
It's a gloomy day here, and for once it's not
just my mood.
So gloomy screams soup to me.

Mom and Big bequeathed a butternut squash 
to me a couple of weeks back.
I scoured around my vegetable bin and came
up with:
said squash,
a sweet potato,
a couple of carrots,
a red onion
and 4 garlic cloves.
And did this to them. 

I left the garlic cloves in their paper, 
it's supposed to protect them while roasting 
but still have them get all mellow and buttery.
It did, and they did.

I drizzled olive oil over the whole mess, 
threw on some salt and pepper, 
and then roasted them at 425 degrees for 
30 minutes.

My house smelled amazing!

Once they were all roasted up put them in batches
 in my handy-dandy Vitamixer with some
chicken stock and made this:
It tasted as good as my house smelled.
Here's a little idea I had, know how you 
deglaze pans when browning meat?
Well, I deglazed the roasting sheet with
 some of that chicken stock. 
I didn't want to lose one bit of the stuff that
smelled that good!

I may toast up some chopped pecans in butter
to put on top......
or I may just grab a spoon and start eating right out of the pot!

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