Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cilantro Lime Tilapia

I have found that Tilapia and Salmon
are crazy easy fish to cook
but there is precious little you do to 
alter the fish itself.
Most of the variety in the dishes come from
the side you serve it with or a sauce.

My tried and true method of cooking
both fish is:
brush both sides with oil
(olive or grape seed)
salt and pepper
put under broiler set on low
cook for 8 minutes.
Perfect every time.
No need to flip, just sometimes 
I will turn the pan 1/2 a turn.

I have tried dusting the fish with some other
spices and that usually works nicely.
If I'm doing Mexican I'll dust it with
smokey paprika
or some chiplotle chili powder.
I think some Garam Masala
for Indian flavor would be good.
The only things I would stay away from 
would be the "leafy" dried spices.
I think they would burn.

I have found a new to me blog
that is proving to be a great source of ideas.

Food Faith Fitness

Here is the link to the recipe

I cooked the fish by my method
and Honey felt the lime was a bit over powering
so maybe cut it by half.


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